A series of presentations on different aspects of the law concerning Industrial Disease.

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Ogden 8 Disabled – Maximising & Minimising Damages

Cressida Mawdesley-Thomas will discuss Authorities & academic literature.

Apportionment of divisible diseases: a deeper look

David Green gives a deeper examination of the underlying principles governing apportionment in divisible diseases, with insights from a comparison of benign asbestos disease, hearing loss, and other apportionable losses.

Occupational Asthma and Air Pollution Claims: An Update

Spencer Turner will discuss issues arising out of claims for occupational asthma, focusing on the applicable duties, causation and quantum. Spencer will also provide an update and summary of the principles and essential cases relating to air pollution claims.

Causation in Non-Asbestos Related Occupational Cancers

Samuel Cuthbert will consider the test for causation expressed as the ‘doubles the risk’ test. It will provide an exposition of the application of this test in non-asbestos occupational cancers, and also consider how the test has interacted with the Fairchild exception in that context.

Workstations and Musculoskeletal Injuries

Andrew Watson will consider how the rise in home working triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic impacts on employers’ duties, with a particular focus on strain injuries caused by unergonomic workstations.

Limitation in Disease Cases

Helen Waller will discuss common issues that arise in respect of limitation in industrial disease litigation, looking in particular at the vexed issue of the ‘date of knowledge’ and considering the courts’ approach to it.

Group Litigation, a panel discussion

Drawing on Michael Rawlinson QC and Ivan Bowley’s experience of the highest-profile disease group litigation John-Paul Swoboda probes them on the different perspectives, tactics and strategies used by Claimants and Defendants in group litigation.