12KBW welcomes applications for the 12 mini-pupillages we offer a year. Four candidates at a time are offered a three-day mini-pupillage for one of the three sessions held throughout the year during university holidays.

During those three days you can expect to attend court with one of our barristers, meet our tenants and current pupils over lunch and ask any questions that you may have about a career at the Bar.

Please note the following:

  • Only those who have commenced or already completed a full-time higher or further education course are eligible to apply.
  • Students undertaking a law or a non-law degree are encouraged to apply.
  • We consider that those in either their final year of a law degree, or on the law conversion course would benefit most from a mini-pupillage.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot offer any work experience scheme or mini-pupillages for children currently at secondary school.
  • Mini-pupillages at 12KBW are not formally assessed.
  • Our criteria for selecting mini-pupils is the same as for selecting pupils, namely academic achievements, non-academic achievements and evidence of motivation and initiative. 12KBW is committed to equal opportunities.
  • The deadline for submitting an application is three months before the start of the mini-pupillage session applied for. Please be aware that your application will be deemed to have been made for the next available mini-pupillage session, and for that session only, unless you clearly state a later session.

How to Apply

Applications should only be made by way of the online application form.

Please note that applications made by alternative methods will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and those applicants should set out in their applications why their application has not been made using the standard application form.

Demand for mini-pupillages at 12KBW is high and we regret that we are unable to acknowledge individual applications as they arrive. We will therefore only respond to successful candidates. Successful candidates should expect notification approximately six weeks before the start of the relevant mini-pupillage session.

You must complete the mini-pupillage application form yourself. This means that you must complete it without assistance from a generative text AI system such as ChatGPT, Auto-GPT, or Google Brain. Using an AI or similar system to generate text for an application is considered cheating, even if you tailor or alter the text before submission. You will be invited to tick a declaration that your application is all your own work without the assistance of AI before submission.

We would be grateful if you could complete the Equality & Diversity form below. You do not have to complete the form, but it will help us improve our services and processes if you can complete as much as possible.

Mini-pupillage dates in 2023/24

The dates of our mini-pupillage sessions are below. To be considered for each session you must apply by the application deadline date. If your application is received after that date, your application will be considered only for the next available session.

We aim to inform all successful candidates by the notification date, but this is subject to change.

Mini-pupillage placements will typically be for three days, and successful candidates will be asked for their availability within the week of the mini-pupillage session.

Dates of mini-pupillage Application deadline date Notification expected by
Week beginning 2 December 2024 6 September 2024 18 October 2024
Week beginning 7 April 2025 24 January 2025 21 February 2025
Week beginning 7 July 2025 11 April 2025 16 May 2025


Mini-pupillages at 12KBW are unpaid, but Chambers will reimburse reasonable travel and accommodation expenses incurred as a result of attending a mini-pupillage in Chambers, up to a maximum of £250 per session.

Bar Placement Scheme

In addition, 12KBW is a proud participant in the Bar Council’s Bar Placement Scheme in conjunction with the Social Mobility Foundation. The scheme allows participating students to spend a week experiencing life at the Bar. For more information click the button below:


Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form

12KBW is committed to ensuring that it is accessible to everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity or nationality, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, socioeconomic background or age.

We aim to foster an environment free from harassment and unfair and unlawful discrimination,where everyone is treated fairly.

We gather and analyse diversity data to assess the extent to which we are achieving our diversity and inclusion aims. We use this information to review our processes to ensure they are fair and transparent, and do not have an adverse impact on any particular group.

All information provided will be treated as strictly confidential in accordance with 12KBW’s Privacy Notice, in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018. The information will only be used for statistical purposes, with access restricted to members and staff involved in processing and monitoring the data. It will not be seen by anyone involved in any selection processes.

No information will be published or used in any way that allows individuals to be identified. The information will be retained for no longer than is necessary. We recognise that some people may regard this information as private and we have therefore included the option of ‘prefer not to say’ in all categories.

You do not have to complete the form, but it will help us improve our services and processes if you can complete as much as possible.