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12KBW Early Neutral Evaluation means that a 12KBW barrister is jointly instructed by the parties to a dispute.

Our barrister is provided with the instructions and material jointly by the parties and they then provide a written evaluation on the case, or on the particular issues in relation to which the joint instruction has been given.

Although our Early Neutral Evaluation is not binding on the parties, experience shows that this process can and does facilitate the early settlement of claims, or the resolution of particular issues. The barrister preparing the evaluation is independent, and this, as well as their considerable knowledge, experience and expertise, means that, if the outcome of the evaluation is not accepted, a party may be penalised in costs in the underlying litigation.

Our impartial evaluation can provide a service at any point during a legal dispute. However, experience has shown that it is of particular benefit if it is undertaken at an early stage, before significant costs have been incurred or parties’ positions have become entrenched.

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