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Why mediate? What advantages does mediation offer over a simple joint settlement meeting?

The advantages of 12KBW Mediation are:

  • 12KBW Mediators contribute to the process of negotiation. Lay clients are often greatly assisted in that process by the presence of an independent accredited mediator.
  • All 12KBW Mediators are able to offer evaluative mediation if required, when mediating disputes within their specialist fields. Our mediator will form their own views of the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s case, and of the parameters of a reasonable compromise. Where appropriate, and without taking sides, our mediator will privately share those views with any party involved whose expectations for the mediation seem unrealistic. The mediation process thereby benefits greatly from the expertise and integrity of the 12KBW Mediator.
  • We recognise the unique problems that employment cases can present to individuals and to businesses alike, and have assembled a team of specialist employment mediators. Our mediators bring a wealth of experience of employment law and of representing both employees and employers. 12KBW Mediation can offer workplace mediation (where our mediators can help to restore working relationships before they break down and result in costly litigation), and also mediation in cases which have progressed to Court or Tribunal proceedings.

Follow the links below for our standard form of agreement, standard procedure code and our pricing structures.

12KBW Mediation – standard form of agreement

12KBW Mediation – procedure code

12KBW Mediation – pricing structure for silks

12KBW Mediation – pricing structure for juniors

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Mediation Team

12KBW has 14 fully qualified mediators, who can provide mediation services in a range of cases, both within 12KBW core practice areas and in other disputes.

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Mediation Track Record

12KBW has a policy of being open where possible about the outcome of mediations, whilst naturally preserving client confidentiality. Learn more about 12KBW’s mediation track record.

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