The 12 King’s Bench Walk Clinical Negligence Team is delighted to announce its Head to Toe series of seminars.

During each session, a leading medical expert will be joined by two of the barristers from 12KBW to delve into the medicine and topical legal issues relating to that body part.

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Brain Injury

Henry Charles, John-Paul Swoboda and neurosurgeon John Norris discuss neuroanatomy and the causation issues that so often arise in brain injury cases.

The Eyes

Consultant ophthalmologist Mr Martin Leyland joins Henry Charles and Charley Turton to discuss issues surrounding claims in respect of eyes and the legal and practical issues involved in claims involving visual injury.

Psychiatric Injury

Consultant Psychiatrist Dr John Meehan, Edward Ramsay and Helen Waller explore the complex challenges confronted by patients, lawyers and experts in psychiatric injury medico-legal work.

Download: Psychiatric Injury slides

Spinal Injuries

Consultant Neurosurgeon Mr Tom Cadoux-Hudson, will explore the anatomy of the spinal cord, and give an introduction to the medicine of cauda equina syndrome, spinal epidural haematoma and more. Isaac Hogarth and Charlotte Reynolds will be looking at reported cases, and discussing legal issues which arise in these claims.

Cardiovascular Disease in Women

Thea Wilson & Henry King are joined by Consultant Cardiologist, Professor Jay Wright, to look at the treatment (or lack thereof) of women in respect of the heart, whether it be missed heart attacks or ineffective drugs, and what claims could be brought as a consequence.

Bad omen in the Abdomen

William Audland QC and Emily Read are joined by Colorectal Surgeon, Professor Robin Phillips, to discuss the misdiagnosis of colorectal cancer, vascular injury during hernia repair surgery and the legal issues which arise in these claims.

Obstetric emergencies and birth injuries

Gerald Mason, Consultant in Obstetrics and Fetal Maternal Medicine highlights some of the obstetric emergencies which give rise to such claims, with the focus being on the ante- and perinatal periods. John-Paul Swoboda and Vanessa Cashman consider some of the practicalities and legal aspects of litigating these claims and drawing out some relevant principles from recent cases.

Lower Limb Injuries and Cases

Daniel Sokol and Lizzie Boulden will present an overview of vascular surgery claims in England & Wales and explore the causation-related issues of ‘reconstructing the diagnostic/treatment process’ and ‘judicial benevolence’. Professor Gerard Stansby, Honorary Consultant Vascular Surgeon, will speak on vascular medicine and clinical negligence.