As we all adapt our working practices in response to COVID-19 , 12 KBW barristers deliver a webinar series to address  the ever changing guidance in multiple practice areas and the implications for litigators.

Furlough & COVID-19: a handy guide

With the Chancellor’s announcement last week on the future of the furlough scheme, 12KBW’s Jeremy McKeown and Georgina Churchhouse present a quick guide of the story so far, bringing together the key points from the Treasury Directive, Guidance, departmental guidance and legal commentary into one handy document.


COVID-19: How will the current crisis affect damages in PI claims

Join John-Paul Swoboda and Helen Waller for a conversation about how the Covid 19 crisis will affect the recoverable damages in PI claims. Does what is available determine what is recoverable (bearing in mind lots of care and treatment regimes have been put on hold)? Is the currently methodology for calculating loss of earnings capable of reflecting the wholescale uncertainty for many workers? And much more.

COVID-19: Flights and Holiday Refunds

Spencer, Charley, Christopher and Cressida consider the right to refunds for cancelled package holidays and flights, the Consumer Credit Act and the recent European Commission guidance on travel vouchers.