Elizabeth Boulden represented the family of baby Nelly Webb in the 5-day Article 2 inquest into the tragic death of their 1-day old daughter. The coroner identified multiple failings in the care that baby Nelly had received at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in January 2019, and that the hospital’s neonatal unit had neither the facilities nor the skilled and experienced staff to deliver a baby of her prematurity.

The coroner found that Nelly would have likely survived her prematurity, had she been transferred in utero to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The coroner also identified failings in the duty of candour owed to Nelly’s parents, and noted that the original report to the coroner was of a naturally occurring death of a pre-term baby.

Elizabeth was instructed by Diane Rostron of Addies Solicitors.

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