Elizabeth Boulden and David Green have an article in the March 2019 edition of Counsel magazine, on the topic of schedules of loss and the Ogden tables. The article covers much of the ground gone over in their very successful seminar on the same topic, which has now been presented both to the 12KBW annual PI conference and to a recent “Juniors to Juniors” conference.

Counsel magazine is published monthly by the Bar Council and is sent out to all barristers in England and Wales, as well as a large circulation of other legal sector subscribers.

The article appears in Counsel magazine’s “Practice Toolkit” section, which showcases methods, techniques, hints and tips aimed at improving barristers’ professional skills.

Elizabeth and David aim to dispel fears faced by some barristers – particularly those very junior in their careers – when asked to undertake complex schedules and to use the Ogden Tables. The Tables are merely tools to be deployed in service of good-quality advocacy, which is always the heart of any barrister’s job. They recommend that with some prior practice and organisation, the Tables need not be forbidding: any barrister can produce sophisticated Schedules with ease.

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