A Practical Guide to Subtle Brain Injury Claims written by Pankaj Madan of 12KBW has recently been published. The book is a concise guide to identifying those brain injuries which may otherwise go undetected and uncompensated and aims to provide a short guide to help those bringing and defending such claims.

It contains a brief overview, of ‘subtle’ traumatic brain injury, what it is, how to recognise it, and what causes it, whether this is a psychiatric or organic injury, and whether it is open to abuse by malingerers. It also covers the management of a case involving subtle brain injury and what lawyers can do practically to ensure the best outcome in such a case.

The aim is to enlighten this often difficult and under-appreciated side of personal injury litigation.

The book is available to purchase via the Law Brief Publishing website or on Amazon UK. A free book chapter can be viewed on the PI Brief Update Law Journal website.