Carolyn D’Souza recently appeared for the successful claimant in the highly publicised employment case of Martyn Reuby v. Unite the Union. Mr. Reuby was a union activist and union member for 42 years, who was dismissed summarily following allegations by him that the union was retaining its tutors on zero hours contracts. Following success at a preliminary hearing at Croydon Employment Tribunal (Judgment, 13th March 2015) in establishing that the Claimant was an employee and/or worker (in contrast to Unite’s case that he was a self-employed contractor), the case now proceeds to a full merits hearing to determine the Claimant’s whistleblowing case. It is understood that Unite intends to appeal.

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For press coverage of the case, please see The Evening Standard (2nd April 2015), The Sun (2nd April 2015), The Daily Mail (2nd April 2015), The Express (3rd April 2015).