Following a three week Inquest in York, which concluded on 27 November 2015, the jury found that the death of Toni Speck could and should have been avoided.

Toni Speck died in Police Custody having been detained under s136 of the Mental Health Act for her own protection. She was suffering from a rare life-threatening condition, serotonin syndrome, at the time of her detention. The central issue for the jury at the Inquest was whether it should have been recognised that Toni was suffering from a medical emergency so that her life could have been saved. The jury decided that the nurse in the custody suite should have recognised the situation as a medical emergency and that if the nurse had done so Toni Speck would not have died.

Tony Speck’s family was pleased that the jury found not only that her death was avoidable, but also that her death should have been avoided.

John-Paul Swoboda was instructed by Ardent Law.

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