Isaac Hogarth of 12 King’s Bench Walk instructed by Marcos Eleftheriou of Irwin Mitchell obtains judgment of £52,744.45 in facial fillers clinical negligence case in the High Court.


In 2012, the Claimant who worked in PR at a senior level and would often appear on television, was concerned about her facial appearance, and sought cosmetic treatment to soften the lines near her oral commissures

She found the Defendant online. The Defendant created the impression that he was a qualified practitioner of cosmetic medicine, and was a doctor. The Claimant believed him to be a doctor.

The first two treatments involved the injection of a product called Juvederm, which is a dermal filler comprised of hyaluronic acid. The Claimant did not have any adverse reaction to Juvederm on either occasion, although the effects would wear off after three to six months

The Claimant saw the Defendant for a third time in February 2013. Without the Claimant’s knowledge or consent, the Defendant on this occasion injected an alternative hyaluronic acid product called Uma Jeunesse. Following this treatment, the Claimant suffered pain and swelling, and had prominent lines of excess dermal filler visible in her face. She also suffered blueish discolouration, hyperpigmentation and hot and prickly sensation.

When the Claimant next saw the Defendant in May 2013, he injected further Uma Jeunesse into her face, apparently in an attempt to even out the Claimant’s appearance.

Judgment was entered in default of an acknowledgment of service. The Defendant took no part in the proceedings.

By the date of the assessment of damages hearing, the Claimant had undergone 95 remedial injections of hyalase in an attempt to dissolve the Uma Jeunesse. It was anticipated that there would be at least a further 10 such injections, followed by five years of mesotherapy and two ultherapy treatments.

Damages were assessed by Master Roberts at £52,744.45, including PSLA of £18,000. A quantum report will be available on Lawtel shortly.