William Featherby QC, as part of his clinical negligence practice, has recently appeared for the successful claimant Hamed v. Mills and Tottenham Hotspur, tried by Mr Justice Hickinbottom in the Queen’s Bench Division in London. Radwan Hamed was a talented youth player for Spurs who, aged 16, under F.A. rules, was screened by a consultant cardiologist for cardiac disease on the initiative and under the supervision of his employers, Spurs. A year after screening, Radwan suffered a cardiac arrest during a match and sustained consequential catastrophic injuries, including profound brain damage. After being cross-examined, the cardiologist admitted liability for not having reiterated the need for a clinical review. At the end of the trial, Spurs were found liable because their medical team had failed to appreciate that the cardiologist was warning them that there might be a cardiological threat. Liability was apportioned 30/70 and Radwan will receive 100% of his damages for his catastrophic injuries in due course.