12 KBW invites you to our free Upper Limb Prosthetics webinar presented by Gerard Martin QC and lead Consultant Prosthetist at The London Prosthetic Centre, Abdo Haidar.

Gerard Martin QC will give practical tips on how to obtain the best results for the upper limb amputee client based on 25 years experience in amputee litigation.

Abdo Haidar will provide an update on the latest technologies in upper limb prosthetics starting from the loss of one finger to the loss of a full arm that are currently available on the market. Osseointegration, targeted muscle reinnervation, pattern recognition, LUKE Arm, Naked Prosthetics, Neuromotus, i-digits, and others will be presented.

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Abdo specialises in upper and lower limb prosthetics with over 25 years of NHS and private experience. Presently lead Consultant Prosthetist and clinical director at The London Prosthetic Centre, clinically managing the prosthetic intervention of over 850 amputee clients attending his clinical place of practice from the UK and from all over the world. Abdo specializes in all aspects of lower and upper limb prosthetics with interest in digits loss, osseointegration and TMR. Abdo is regularly instructed by legal firms in the UK and Ireland to prepare expert witness reports. The majority of his work is related to catastrophic injuries but also dealing with amputation following clinical negligence, military injuries, and congenital difference.