12KBW invites you to our free Annual Asbestos Seminar.

This year we are holding our seminar online, as a live webinar. With two parallel sessions to choose between, throughout the afternoon, members of the 12KBW Asbestos Team will consider topics on both liability and quantum.

This is an APIL accredited event.

Session 1
Liability for asbestos in schools: a new route?
Michael Rawlinson QC & Megan Griffiths
  Missing evidence and the blame game
Niall Maclean & Tim Goodwin
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Session 2
Asbestos at sea
James Beeton
  Piercing the veil of ignorance: actions against company directors
Andrew Watson
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Session 3
State Payments for mesothelioma: eligibility & practical tips
Cressida Mawdesley-Thomas
  Apportioning benign diseases: law, tactics and strategy
David Green
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Session 4
Asbestos claims & Swift v Carpenter: a new gateway?
John-Paul Swoboda
  Valuing risks of malignancy
Helen Waller
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Session 5
Incapacitated dependants
Christopher Fleming
  Asbestosis: claims for future treatment
Max Archer
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Session 6
Dependency Part I: claims for income dependency
Rachit Buch
  Life expectancy and the Brackenridge rating – are we taking the right approach?
Aliyah Akram & Spencer Turner
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Session 7
Dependency Part II: Witham and the scope of claims for services dependency
Kate Boakes
  Ogden 8: more or less
Harry Steinberg QC
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You can claim 2.5 CPD hours for watching 7 sessions, and 5 CPD hours for watching all 14 sessions.

For more information, please contact events@12kbw.co.uk