The 12 King’s Bench Walk Seven Ages of Life series reaches its natural conclusion with an examination of neurological issues.  We welcome neurologist Dr Sam Chong from the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square.

He will be looking inter alia at these issues:

  1. Neuro-cognitive reserve following longer hospital stays or longer term immobilisation: in those who are elderly but without specific degenerative process such as Alzheimer’s Disease/Parkinson’s and those with Alzheimer’s Disease/Parkinson’s
  2. Neuro-degenerative changes (Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s) becoming more prominent if operations are involved: the relevance here is whether, say, an operation had been required in any event some patients of advanced years will not do well, if a further operation is required to correct clinical negligence will they do then even less well?
  3. Differentiating vascular dementia from Alzheimer’s/associated dementia
  4. Pain and headaches from a neurological perspective – one of Dr Chong’s particular interests.

Those are issues which will be of interest to both clinical negligence practitioners looking at claims involving, for example,  pressure ulceration, amputation, post-operative immobility, corrective operations, and indeed to personal injury practitioners.

The seminar will start at 5:00pm, with registration from 4:30pm and drinks from 6:00pm.

This is a free event and places are likely to be booked up quickly – please fill out the form below to reserve your place.