Aliyah Akram represented the family of 15 year old, Ruwaida Abdi Adan, at the inquest into her death.

Ruwaida was fatally injured in an accident at Capital Karts in London. The jury concluded that “No safety check ensured that Ruwaida removed her headscarf before getting into her go kart. No daily mechanics check was carried out on August 6 2021. In Ruwaida’s kart the plastic drive belt guard to the rear axle was absent, and the rear seat shield was damaged. Both should cover exposed moving parts. Ruwaida’s headscarf became entangled in the moving parts resulting in her asphyxiation and her death on August 10 2021.”

Following the inquest the Assistant Coroner issued a Prevention of Future Deaths report addressed to the managing director of Capital Karts raising a number of safety concerns.

Aliyah was instructed by Clare Campbell of Leigh Day.


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