Pankaj Madan from 12 King’s Bench Walk will be a guest speaker at the Royal Society of Medicine’s Pain from the periphery to the centre: A medicolegal perspective conference on Friday 13 May 2022.

This unique event aims to provide an understanding of the medical and legal perspectives in pain conditions.

The multidisciplinary expert panel working in legal, medical and governance fields will help to understand the complex subject of pain. Participants will also be able to gain an understanding from a medicolegal perspective in assessing complex conditions.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understand and differentiate peripheral and central pain
  • Etiology and mechanisms of pelvic pain condition
  • The role of psychology on pain and pain on the psychology
  • The legality and ethics of cannabis in pain medicine
  • Can we legally define pain?
  • Insights from cognitive neurobiology of dream states

For further details please go to:

Pain from the periphery to the centre: A medicolegal perspective (