12KBW knows that, despite best efforts, many low to medium value matters will be adjourned in the coming weeks and months due to the Covid-19 coronavirus. It is imperative that parties have access to resolution and finality during this time. 12KBW is able to facilitate this.

In these unprecedented circumstances, 12KBW continues to provide alternative dispute resolution services remotely: www.12kbw.co.uk/adr-service/

We are also extending this service in order to enable you to bring Stage 3, Small Claim and Fast Track matters to a swift and effective resolution even if the courts cannot offer you that service.

12KBW barristers of all levels of call can offer bespoke ADR services including arbitration, neutral evaluation and impartial adjudication.

Our barristers’ specialist expertise in the field of personal injury makes them ideally suited to provide:

  • ‘Stage 3 style’ assessments of damages and determination of costs by way of arbitration.
  •  Arbitration and neutral evaluation of:
    • Small Claim and Fast Track trials.
    • Disposal hearings.
    • Applications and procedural disputes.
    • Costs disputes.

We can offer resolution of disputes ‘on the papers’ and by way of virtual ‘face-to-face’ services, with multiple attendees, in multiple locations. Our remote capabilities include Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and telephone conferencing.

All papers can be provided to chambers electronically, following which your arbitrator will provide an efficient and professional ADR service tailored to your requirements. Parties can agree directions or ask the arbitrator to determine any procedural disputes.

Example fees for resolution by arbitration of matters which would normally fall within ‘fixed cost’ regimes would be:

  • ‘Stage 3’ paper determination (£3k to £5k) Up to £180 plus VAT
  • ‘Stage 3’ video determination (£3k to £5k) Up to £250 plus VAT
  • ‘Small claim’ video determination (£3k to £5k) Up to £450 plus VAT
  • ‘Fast track’ video determination (up to £10k) Up to £850 plus VAT

Hearings can be arranged promptly and at the parties’ convenience and fees are subject to negotiation if several claims are dealt with on the same day. Claims will be dealt with at appointed times and there will be no block-listing. Fees would normally be payable within 14 days of determination of the claim and not paid in advance.

We would anticipate parties agreeing that costs between the parties will be dealt with in accordance with CPR fixed costs provisions, but parties are at liberty to agree other arrangements.

To take advantage of this service please contact our clerking team via telephone or email.