In 2022 we published our Race Action Plan. This is an ambitious plan intended to improve access, retention and career progression for those under-represented at the Bar in terms of race and ethnicity, recognising the need for an intersectional approach.

After publishing our Plan, we sent out a survey to the whole of chambers to gather the data we needed to implement our plan. We asked barristers and staff to provide us information on their race and ethnicity and we sought their consent to store their data and use it for the implementation and monitoring of our Plan. There was a high level of engagement with this survey: 19/22 staff and 93/95 barristers responded.

We have formed a group of barristers and staff to implement the Plan and monitor its progress. This group meets quarterly.

We are pleased to share the 12KBW Race Action Plan: End of Year Review.

Download 12KBW Race Action Plan: End of Year Review