12KBW is delighted to announce that William Audland QC has been elected to succeed Paul Russell QC as Head of Chambers, and that Richard Viney has been re-elected as Deputy Head, effective from today.

12KBW is profoundly grateful to Paul for his inspirational leadership over the past six years – a period of remarkable success for chambers – and to Richard for his masterful stewardship as Paul’s Deputy, and for his continuing support to William to ensure a smooth transition. Paul remains in full-time practice and we wish him every continuing success in the future.

Upon taking over as Head of Chambers William said: “Paul has been magnificent, driving chambers forwards to become one which embodies ambition and achievement in equal measure, while retaining the strong culture of friendship and mutual support for which we are well known. Paul, we salute you. I look forward to this new challenge comforted in the knowledge that I will have the unfailing support of all the members and staff of 12, a close-knit team of lovely inspiring people the likes of which I am humbled to lead on the next stage of our exciting journey”.