The inaugural event in memory of Richard Viney was held on Saturday, 17 September 2022.

A doughty group of Members of Chambers, very ably supported by Charlie Bagot KC of Gatehouse Chambers, and various conscripted family members, participated in a standard distance triathlon at Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire.

Unbeknownst to the 12 KBW team, Charlie Bagot is actually half man/half fish and led the whole field out of the water. This came as something of a not wholly unpleasant surprise to Dan Tobin, who then found himself leading on the bike for some 18 or so kilometres. The gap was eventually closed, and the leading 12KBW team dropped back a few places when several were finally able to pass. Fortunately, Andy Roy was in top form and ran them down in the final 10K, as a result of which a 12KBW team won the relay event and, indeed, was third overall.

Special mentions go to:

  • Alex Carington (who stepped up at the last minute and did both a swim and a run);
  • Nigel Lewers (who did an impressive job as a first responder when he came across a nasty crash out on the bike course);
  • The above-mentioned family conscripts, Ed Audland, Isabelle Russell and her fiancé, Jimmy (who must’ve been asking themselves what on Earth they had signed up for when told to get themselves to deepest, darkest Cambridgeshire at 7am on a Saturday!); and
  • Peter Hale’s mum, Sue, who came along, with Nala the dog, to support us and ended up ferrying a certain recently taken on Junior Tenant halfway across Cambridgeshire (#AParent’sJobIsNeverDone)

Thanks also go to Nina Ross and Isaac Hogarth , who came up, with their families, from London in the afternoon to join with us in remembering Richard.

However, final and principal thanks go to Charlotte Reynolds for hosting the after party. She threw for us a party that Richard would have simply loved, and it is, therefore, fitting that she was the inaugural winner of the 12KBW Richard Viney Memorial Cup.

This year, we chose to support the charity World Bicycle Relief – Changing Lives With Bicycles, a cause which Richard would have greatly approved. We are pleased to say that, to date, we have already raised over £5,000. Thank you to those who have already donated!

If you would like to donate, there is still time to contribute using the link below.  

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